Pure White Magic!

Dekalb White in alternative Poultry housing systems

The Dekalb White chickens are productive, docile, and can easily adapt to alternative housing systems. The Dekalb White chickens are easy to manage, capable of laying 500 eggs, and they thrive in cage free housing systems. The Dekalb White laying hens are the main attraction in the Kipster poultry farm. The Dekalb White is quickly gaining in popularity in the markets that go/went cage free housing systems, the preferred white egg laying hen in North Western Europe. Find out more about the Dekalb White performance standards when placed in alternative housing systems. Dekalb White chickens, the best choice when you are looking for Premium Performance!  

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Our Dekalb White alternative today

  • Outstanding livability and excellent behavior
  • Highly productive and excellent feed conversion
  • Successful in every housing system
  • Superb eggshell quality
  • Great egg laying persistency
  • Largest number of premium quality eggs

Alternative housing

Laying period 18-100 weeks
Livability (%) 93
Age at 50% production (days) 145
Peak of production (%) 96.5
Average egg weight (g) 62.1
Eggs hen housed 481
Egg mass hen housed (kg) 29.9
Laying period 18-100 weeks
Average feed intake (g/day) 116
Cum. feed conv. rate (kg/kg) 2.21
Body weight (g) 1725
Shell strength (g/cm2) 4100
Haugh units 83