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Published on July 9, 2019

Seminar tour in Japan shares promising results for the Dekalb White

At the end of June 2019, a seminar tour was organized for Hendrix Genetics customers in Japan.

The goal of the seminar was to share the latest developments in the breeding program, recent results from independent trials, and to show our appreciation with a social reception. Productivity and egg quality are both important performance factors for the Japanese market, and it was important to discuss new advancements in selecting for these traits while maintaining health and robustness.

The seminars took place in Tokyo on June 18th with more than 110 attendees, Nagoya on June 19th with more than 70 attendees, and Kagoshima on June 20th with more than 60 attendees. Speakers included

- Dr. Evert Jan Krajenbrink, Agricultural Counsellor, Netherlands Embassy in Japan

- “Progress in Hendrix Genetics” and “Welfare developments in the world”, Arian Groot, Director of Product Management and Business Development

- “Genetic selection for cage and cage free layers” & “Dekalb White flock management for cage and cage-free systems”, Frans van Sambeek, Director of Research & Development

- “Results from the independent trials run by the Gunma Animal Institute”, Naoki Goto, Area Manager Japan

Following the presentations, a social reception was held for the attendees to enjoy food, drinks, and good conversation. The reaction from the three different audiences was very enthusiastic with many interested in learning more about the Dekalb White based on its strong performance results.

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