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Published on June 15, 2018

German egg producer reaches 500 eggs with Dekalb White

Our breeding goal of 500 quality eggs in 100 weeks of age without molt is becoming more and more real and visible in the field, particularly so in Germany. We recently awarded the Büter family to celebrate this impressive achievement.

The Büter family, located in Vrees, Germany, raised 40,000 Dekalb White commercial birds from our German distributor,  Ab Ovo, and is the first commercial farm in Germany to achieve this milestone. 

A ceremony was organized to recognize Ab Ovo as pullet supplier, For Farmers as feed supplier, Windhaus&Hemne as the farm's veterinarian, Hendrix Genetics as the genetic supplier, and of course the Büter family with their employee Yahya Alali. During the ceremony, the award was given to the family along with some words to recognize their hard work.

The Büter family farm is named ‘Büterei GmbH & Co.KG’. They are a brand new operation, and the Dekalb White commercial flock is the first flock in this new constructed house with a free range area. Taking into account that this farm is a free range farm make these results even more special as free range can be challenging to achieve good results. The key to success, next to the Dekalb White genetics, is the fact that the farmer likes to learn new things and is open to hearing advice from others. Additionally, the family has a good employee helping him to manage the birds. His employee, Mr. Yahya Alali, is a Syrian refugee who came to Germany 2 years ago and has been working with the birds from the start. Yahya is still waiting on an approval for permanent residency. His wife and two children are living in Lebanon, waiting on the approval to move to Germany and to be united again with Yahya.

The results of this Dekalb White commercial flock were exceptional:

  • At 101.3 weeks of age, production per hen housed was 517.4 eggs
  • Mortality was 8%, with 2.5% due to the range area
  • Feed intake was 118 gr.
  • Average egg weight was 61.8 g. 
  • The flock produced 36 weeks above 97% and 58 weeks above 90%
We were very proud to be a part of this event to recognize the strong performance of our genetics as well as the dedication put forth from this hard-working family.

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