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Published on Aug. 29, 2019

Dekalb and Hisex win top prizes at the Northeast Brazilian Poultry Fair

We are proud to congratulate a number of Brazilian egg producers who recently won top prizes at the 2019 Northeast Poultry Fair.

Dekalb and Hisex brands, both white and brown, were recognized for excellent egg quality and high production.

This event, now in its 4th year, took place in the city of São Bento do Una. São Bento do Una has a small population of 50,000 inhabitants, but it produces more than 7 million eggs daily, making it the 3rd highest egg producer in Brazil. The fair had more than 100 stands and 35,000 visitors where both Hisex and Dekalb welcomed friends old and new into their booth.

Of the top three prizes for both white and brown eggs, two of out the three producers raised Hendrix Genetics products. In addition, a new category this year was the Northeast Egg Quality prize. Dekalb and Hisex won first and second prize, respectively.

We are proud to see that our products are recognized all over the world for their outstanding product performance, both in egg numbers and in egg quality.

Congratulations to the winning egg producers and our Brazilian distribution team for their hard work and dedication in achieving such remarkable results!

Prize Standings

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